Tuesday, February 19, 2008

I spoke too soon...

We were rocking and rolling yesterday, getting all sorts of laundry and housework done. Zoe had a 1:30 doctor's appointment yesterday, so I had to stop and get ready for that around 12:30. We arrived at the doctor's office, and suddenly Zach's coughing got worse. Since he was there with me, I asked if they would look at him, as well. The doctor checked him out, and it turns out that he has bronchitis! I feel like a bad mother for not taking him sooner, but he never told me that he felt bad. He's been coughing for a few weeks, though. So, the doctor put him on breathing treatments and Zithromax for three days.

We did get some good news at the doctor: Zoe was finally able to get her shots. She weighs 16 pounds, 2 ounces now, and got 5 shots plus an oral vaccine. She was not too happy about the multiple sticks, but got over it pretty quickly.

We headed from the doctor to the grocery store, so we could get Zach's prescriptions and some food for our empty fridge. That took forever, and Zach seemed to be feeling worse and worse while we were in the store. Zoe was cooing and happy, so at least I didn't have two cranky kids to deal with. A bonus from the store is that we came home with $15 worth of shrimp that I didn't pick out. I have no idea if I paid for them or not, because the register tape jammed and I didn't get a receipt. By the time I figured out that we had the shrimp, we were all too tired to go back to the store. Plus, that sounded like something yummy for dinner. I won't touch raw seafood, but I will eat some of it if it is cooked for me.

All evening, Zoe was cranky and wouldn't let me put her down, and Zach complained about feeling bad. Darren cooked dinner, which took forever, because I had a phone call from our health insurance company about my asthma. I had to talk to two different people, and the whole call took 39 minutes. I should know better than to answer the phone during dinner time! Once we finally sat down to eat, it was delicious. We gave Zach a breathing treatment and Darren put him to bed.

Zach woke up crying during the night, and tried to get in our bed a couple of times. He complained that his stomach hurt, and coughed so much I don't know if he slept very much. At 4:30, I woke up to him crying again, and I found him in the bathroom with vomit all over the place. At that point, I decided that he and I were staying home today, and crawled in his bed to snuggle with him. Darren woke me up at 6:00, and I put in a substitute request and kissed today's pay goodbye. Darren took Zoe to her babysitter and Zach and I went back to sleep until 10:30.

We've been lounging around today, watching TV. I need to get some work done, because I am so far behind in my grading. I am hoping that my friend will bring me the papers from the last two days, and I can get them all done so I don't have to scramble tomorrow. We'll see...

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