Monday, February 18, 2008

We Survived!

I never thought last week would end. I spent Monday working on sub plans, making copies, and writing lesson plans for this coming week so I could have my copies back in time. That night, we packed for our whirlwind trip to Louisiana. Tuesday, I left work at noon, picked up Zoe and Zachary, dropped Zach off at home, took Zoe to the doctor, where we were told that she still had an ear infection and couldn't get her shots, then went home to pick up the boys. We loaded up and left the house around 2:30. We hit road construction on I-10 in both Texas and Louisiana, and had to travel some back roads for a while. We met Mom and Dad at Dean-o's in Lafayette for some yummy dinner (I had a delicious muffaletta) then headed to their house. Darren and I dropped off Zoe's latest prescription and were told that it wouldn't be ready until 10:30 that night, so we got some coffee at CC's then went back to the house to watch American Idol. We went back and picked up Zoe's medicine, then crashed for the night.

Wednesday, we packed our things and left Mom and Dad's bright and early. We stopped for breakfast on the way to Jeanerette. Of course, we hit road construction on highway 90 outside of New Iberia, so were late to the funeral home. It was a long day of sitting around, but it was nice to visit with Darren's family members. Both his parents were there, and his uncle David, who raised him, came by for a couple of hours. I wish they would have gotten to see our kids, but they stayed with Mom and Dad for the day. I didn't think a funeral was the place to take them. Anyway, things got moving around 1:30, we had Mass at 2:00, and the burial was over a few minutes past 3:00. We all headed to Darren's brother Patrick's house to eat and change clothes, and Mom and Dad met us there with the kids. Our plan was to be on the road no later than 5:00, which would have put us home at 9:00. Zach was having so much fun with his cousins that we hated to leave, so we didn't leave until after 6:00. It was a long trip home, with Zoe crying and Zach whining. I ended up in the back seat between the two kids, and once I got Zoe to sleep, Zach fell asleep on me. I dozed, but kept waking up to check on Darren. We got home at 10:54, then had to unpack and get ready for school and work on Thursday.

Valentine's Day at school was nice. I got a lot of cards and candy from the kids, and even a loaf of home-baked bread. We all came home and were too tired to go out to eat, so we ordered from our favorite Japanese place for dinner. I started packing for the weekend, we watched some TV, and called it a day.

Friday, we sent Zach to school, and Darren worked from home. I woke up early and finished packing, then went to the doctor for my thyroid check. I went home and loaded up the car, then we left for the airport. We picked Zach up on the way, and Darren dropped us off at the terminal. I felt like one of the Beverly Hillbillies going through security; we had three bags, a stroller, and a baby to get through there. The most fun was holding Zoe while trying to fold her stroller and get it on the conveyor belt. I was so happy that Mom and Dad met us at security.

I was so worried that Zoe was going to cry for the whole plane ride, but she ate and fell asleep. It was pretty uneventful. Natalie picked us up in Columbia, and we went and got dinner from Birds on a Wire, my favorite place there. I have been trying to figure out how to make their barbecue sauce for years. It's yellow and sweet, and would be good on anything! Friday night, Natalie, Mom and I went to Target, then we all crashed.

Saturday, we woke up and the boys left to go and get Natalie's nursery furniture. Mom, Natalie, Zoe and I started getting ready for the shower, and Kevin's mom and aunt arrived early. I gave them Zoe so I could get dressed, then we all headed to the lady's house who was giving the shower. There was a nice turn-out and lots of good food, and Natalie got all sorts of fun baby things. That afternoon, we went home and played with a lot of her new things, then made another trip to Target. We went and ate pizza that night, then sat around talking.

Yesterday, we all woke up and started packing. We went out to brunch and I had pimiento cheese for the first time. I think I liked the fried pita chips that we dipped in in the best! We went back to the house and left for the airport around 3:00. We got through security in just enough time to stop and buy a bottle of water for bottles before boarding the plane. This flight wasn't as uneventful. Zoe screamed on take-off and landing; I think her ears hurt. She did sleep for most of the flight, snuggled in my arms. I even snoozed a little bit. Zachary slept most of the way, as well. We said goodbye to Mom and Dad at the airport, and Darren picked us up at baggage. We went and ate Mexican, came home and unpacked a little, watched some TV, and went to bed.

Today, I am trying to clean up and get ready for the week, but I've spent way too much time on here already. Zach is watching the Daytona 500 that we recorded yesterday, while wearing his Jeff Gordon Halloween costume. Zoe is going to the doctor again today for her shots (3rd time's the charm!) and I have papers to grade. Let's hope this week is boring compared to last week!

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