Friday, February 01, 2008

Zoe's Baptism

We baptized Zoe on January 20th at Sts. Simon and Jude here in The Woodlands. She wore a dress that my grandmother made for my cousin over 30 years ago, and my sister also wore it. It was neat that she could carry on the tradition! She also wore two medals that my mom wore for her baptism. Zoe's Godparents are Sean and Jamie, Darren's brother and his wife. Sean was out of town, so my dad stood in for him. We had some other friends and family join us for the ceremony, then we went back to our house for cake. If I would have felt better, I would have enjoyed it so much more!

As preparation for baptism, we had to attend classes for two weeks at the church. We are not regular church-goers, but we (me) felt that it was important to baptize her. The classes were frustrating; they were taught by the deacon who baptized Zoe, and he wasn't incredibly familiar with the curriculum. Also, we had two mothers in the class who didn't have the best manners. They would question each other when they commented, tell the deacon we needed to move the class along, yet take the time to talk about what good people they were and tell stories about themselves. I held my tongue, though I didn't want to. With any luck, we'll never see them again.

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  1. so niece and nephew are zoe and zachary. regards to the RN/childbirth ed comment...I was the only RN teachign childbirth ed at my hospital, which is why it was so uncomfortable for me. I bet if you check around with your local hospitals you might find someone willing to take you on. Also, many babies r us stores offer free classes to customers and if you're willing to donate an hour or so of your time you can work on your class development and add it to your resume. CHeck them out!