Sunday, November 09, 2008

Busy Weekend!

As the weekend comes to a close, I am feeling fairly good about what I accomplished. I managed to finish all of my schoolwork except for the rough draft of my research paper (I'm working on it now) and the review questions for anatomy (I'm getting there). Yesterday, we went swingset shopping and concluded that we will be buying a kit from Home Depot and building our own. Rainbow Play Systems has some really nice ones, but way out of our price range.

While out and about, we rented Kung Fu Panda. Last night, we ate leftover gumbo, watched Kung Fu Panda (really cute), and I baked pumpkin cheesecake squares, which were really good. While watching the movie, I worked on my anatomy review questions, and stayed up until 2:00.

Today, Zoe woke me up at 8:00, and we sat on the couch while Zach watched Kung Fu Panda a couple of times. Darren woke up and cooked our traditional Sunday breakfast of bacon, egg, and cheese tacos, then Zachary left to go to lunch and to see High School Musical 3. While he was gone, we pulled out the carpet (!) that was in our laundry room and cleaned the linoleum that was underneath it. Darren managed to switch the position of the washer and dryer for me, which I am really excited about.

Zachary returned home just in time to leave for a birthday party, and while he was there, I went to the mall to see what Hallmark had going on this weekend. I made a few holiday purchases, then went back to pick Zachary up.

This evening, we watched the Amazing Race, Zoe had a poopy accident all over her Exersaucer, and I have been working on my research paper. Guess what I'll be doing tomorrow night, since my rough draft is due Tuesday?

I'm off to bed so that I can have the energy to chase preschoolers around tomorrow.

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