Monday, November 03, 2008

NKOTB concert

I completely forgot to go back and post about our concert experience. We had a really good time. There were 9 of us who went together, and we all had shirts that someone made with one of the guys' pictures on it. Mine had Donnie, since that's who I liked way back when.

We left really early to head down to the Toyota Center, then waited in line to get in. Once we made it into the building, we ate some junk food and found our seats. They couldn't have been farther from the stage; we were directly across from the stage on the top row. Looking around, everyone was a woman around my age, some with their daughters. There were a few men in attendance, but I doubt that any of them were there on their own volition!

Some Jamaican rapper opened the show, then Natasha Beddingfield sang, who was really good. Once New Kids came on stage, the place was packed. They sang all of their old songs, plus some new ones. They still had all of their old dance moves, and have gotten better-looking with age.

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