Sunday, November 16, 2008

Weekend Wrap-Up

We didn't do anything too terribly exciting this weekend. I spent all of Friday at the Nutcracker Market, which was bigger than I could ever imagine. I didn't eat lunch, because I ate enough free samples of candy, salsa, and other things to fill me up. I got a call while I was there that our popcorn to sell had come in to the BSA office, so I left Reliant Park and drove an hour to the office to get the popcorn. Two and a half hours after I left the Nutcracker Market, the popcorn and I arrived at home. We ordered pizza that night, and I crashed.

Yesterday, we got up and Zach and I went to a local family-owned grocery store to work a two-hour shift selling popcorn. It was cold, and there wasn't much traffic, but it was fun. Between the three boys who worked yesterday, we sold $297 of popcorn and got over $36 in donations. Next week will be much better, because we will be at a much busier store. I have almost $2000 of popcorn still to sell, which makes me nervous.

After our sale, we came home and cleaned up around the house. Zach had a friend over to play later in the evening (wow, were they busy!), then we took the boys to Market Street to eat dinner. Before dinner, we drove around and located where the ice skating rink and light display are going to be, and we made the boys run down the Woodlands Waterway from the Pavilion to Town Green Park. Amazingly enough, they were well-behaved and sat through dinner. Afterward, we went to take the friend home, and Zach ended up staying the night. What did Darren and I do for fun? We put Zoe to bed and I worked on schoolwork until the screen went blurry.

This morning, we woke up and started to clean. We realized that the dryer is not heating, which is not fun, considering the mountain of dirty laundry that I have. That wouldn't be too bad, except that I have bedding that Zoe wet on, and clothes that she vomited on today. Nice.

We visited Wally World this afternoon for our groceries, then I hit the books. I just finished all of my online coursework for the week, and need to study for my anatomy and physiology test tomorrow on the lymphatic system, immunity, and the respiratory system. No TV for me tonight.

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