Saturday, November 08, 2008

Feeling the Pressure

I just realized today exactly how much schoolwork I have hanging over my head at the moment. If you haven't figured it out yet, I process information by writing it out. My favorite thing to do is to write lists and cross things off as I do them. Thanks, Mom!

Here's what I have to do right now:

In Psychology, come up with a research paper topic and write that paper before December 1st
In Kinesiology, somehow make my 30 workout hours for the semester (HA!) and take two more chapter quizzes
In Speech (just started Sunday) by Sunday at midnight, read one more chapter, take the quiz, and write a journal entry
In Anatomy and Physiology (the class I have to make an A in to get into nursing school) finish my research and write a rough draft of my research paper to turn in Tuesday ( a rough draft? seriously? I don't do rough drafts!), study for a quiz that we will have Tuesday on material I haven't read yet, complete three chapters' worth of review questions, and study for a test next weekend

In Cub Scouts, I have to go to training Thursday night for our annual rechartering (no clue), then I have a month to make sure that everyone is registered properly, all of the leaders are trained, we have medical forms on everyone, and everyone registers again for next year. Then, I have to find volunteers to run our Pinewood Derby in January. We are still recruiting and getting new members to start attending meetings, and the year is halfway over. Ike sure screwed things up for us this fall!

Apparently I am hosting a baby shower at my former school with some of my former colleagues after school on Thursday. I haven't been invited yet, but I am sure I will be assigned some duties and told that I am going in on a gift with some other people. Should I approach them, or wait until they remember to invite me? It could get interesting, but I don't want the new mom to think that I don't want to help. I told them that I didn't have time to do anything besides show up and maybe help do some decorating. I can't contribute financially to this, and I don't feel like I should have to, since the school is throwing the shower.

My hands hurt from typing, so it must be time for bed. Any volunteers to come and clean my house? Anyone want to volunteer for the Pinewood Derby? Anyone?

At least my job is easy. That must be why I make no money!

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